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Dunwoody Emergency Oral Care

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A dental emergency can pop up at any time. Typically, when you think of a dental emergency, you think of going to see your Dunwoody dentist. While such dental professionals can help during certain situations, they can’t help you with all of the oral emergencies that might pop up. In some cases, you’re going to need to seek out an emergency oral surgeon.

The challenge is to know the difference between when you need an oral surgeon and when seeing a general dentist will be sufficient. There are even some situations when you should skip going to a dentist altogether and head toward the emergency room.

To ensure that you know the best one to choose for your situation, you need to understand the emergency care options that are available. Hopefully, this information will help you determine when the best time is to go see an emergency oral surgeon or when your general dentist can handle your treatment.

Dental Emergency: General Dentist or Oral Surgeon?

Oh no! The worst has happened, and you’re in the middle of a dental emergency. Now, you have to choose who you want to go see: your general dentist or an oral surgeon. Let’s break down these two options and provide a little information about both.

Emergency General Dentists

Your first option when you have an oral emergency is to go to your general dentist. While not all general dentists offer emergency services, some do. They’re good when it comes to fixing cracked teeth, replacing fillings, and addressing other similar problems.

That being said, general dentists can’t help with the more serious dental emergencies. They often lack the equipment to tackle extreme dental emergencies.

Keep in mind, however, that if you’re not sure if you should see a general dentist or an oral surgeon, it’s never a bad idea to visit your general dentist first. That’s because the dentist can assess your mouth and let you know if you need to see an oral surgeon. Your dentist might even be able to recommend you to a Dunwoody oral surgeon.

Emergency Oral Surgeons

Unlike general dentists, oral surgeons have the tools and experience to handle even the most extreme dental emergency cases. This makes an oral surgeon your go-to option if you’re struggling with more advanced dental needs, such as a fractured jaw or an impacted wisdom tooth. In fact, a number of people are recommended to oral surgeons after experiencing maxillofacial trauma.

The most important thing to know is that oral surgeons can fix nearly any oral problem that you have. Best of all, they can do it quickly and with little discomfort on your part. In fact, most of the surgeries performed by oral surgeons heal quickly. This is thanks, in part, to the fact that the mouth is one of the fastest healing areas on the body.

What Is Maxillofacial Trauma?

When people suffer maxillofacial trauma, they’re often sent to oral surgeons. That said, what is a maxillofacial trauma? To put it simply, this is any kind of trauma that is done to the jaw or face. As such, this kind of trauma covers a large number of dental problems.

In fact, maxillofacial trauma can cause so many different dental problems that you might not have to see an oral surgeon. For example, it can cause a simple chipped tooth. In such a situation, you wouldn’t need to go see an oral surgeon. However, this kind of trauma can also cause a fractured jaw, in which case you would need an oral surgeon.

Should You Just Go to the Emergency Room Instead?

Not all damage to your mouth can be handled by a general dentist or an oral surgeon. In some situations, you’re going to have to visit an emergency room to get treatment first. After getting treatment at the hospital, you can schedule an appointment with your general dentist or an oral surgeon to handle any of the dental needs that you may have. Typically, the doctor in the emergency room will let you know if you need to see a dentist or not.

However, when should you go to the emergency room? A good rule of thumb is to go to the hospital if you’re experiencing a lot of bleeding or swelling in the mouth. It’s also a good idea to go to the emergency room if the dental damage was caused by a strike to the head. When you receive a hard hit to the head, other medical issues can arise, such as a concussion.

You may also find yourself going to the hospital if you have a dental emergency outside of normal operating hours. Most general dentists and oral surgeons don’t offer emergency services outside of their standard business hours. As such, if you need dental care on the weekend or late at night, the emergency room might be your best recourse.

Let Us Help You With Your Dental Emergency

Do you live in Dunwoody and you or a family member are having a dental emergency? If so, consider reaching out to our friendly staff members. We’re standing by to provide the support that you may need. We can help you schedule an appointment or give you advice on what your next move should be.

Just remember that if you’re experiencing a dental emergency, you should get treatment sooner rather than later. The longer that you wait to get treatment, the more harm that could be done to your teeth and gums. On top of that, no one wants to live with pain longer than they have to.

Go ahead, and pick up the phone today. We provide affordable treatment that’s quick. Our goal is to handle your dental emergency in a professional way. Call us so that we can get you in here for treatment.

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