Bar Attachment Denture

The concept of total arch rehabilitation using four dental implants per arch in one day (commonly referred to as Bar Attachment Denture ) is a revolutionary method of replacing one’s failing dentition with new teeth in just one visit.  The technique was developed and perfected by world renowned oral implantologist, Dr. Paulo Malo of Portugal.  Dr. Malo developed this technique in response to the growing number of patients who needed full mouth reconstruction, but either could not afford extensive bone graft procedure or refused to wait 12 months to have their new teeth.

At One Day Teeth™ we combine cutting edge three-dimensional technology to evaluate bone quality and quantity.  Using this information we precisely plan the placement of dental implants specifically designed for this application.  The winning combination allows us to deliver a highly predictable, functional, and esthetic prosthesis in just one day.

Four specially designed dental implants are placed at strategic positions, away from vital structures, such as sinuses and nerves, into high quality-bone. The surgeon thus maximizes implant stability and minimizes surgical trauma.  The new prosthesis (teeth) is then fabricated on the four stable implants to recreate the patient’s smile.  The entire procedure, even in both arches, can be done in one day.

Traditional methods of restoring a full arch of teeth typically involves costly, painful, and time consuming bone grafts and up to 10 dental implants. One Day Teeth™ using four dental implants per arch methods allows the surgeon and prosthodontist to deliver a superior result and provide a high quality patient experience while restoring the patient’s smile in one day with less surgery, less cost, and less recovery time.

Another benefit of the One Day Teeth™ with four dental implants technique is increased patient acceptance.  Because this revolutionary technique does not require surgery beyond placement of the four dental implants many more patients qualify as a candidate for the surgery and thus full arch rehabilitation.

You may ask yourself if you are a candidate for the One Day Teeth™ with four dental implants procedure. Have you had loose or ill-fitting partials or have been told you must have extensive bone grafting before dental implant? Do most, if not all of your teeth, have extensive decay? Is periodontal disease causing bone loss, abscesses, pain? If you answered yes to any of these questions you may be the perfect candidate for the One Day Teeth™ method of oral rehabilitation.

If you have any of the above, you may be a perfect candidate for One Day Teeth™ with four implants per arch.  Please call Dr. Whitesides office at 770-393-8500 for your appointment for a consultation and evaluation regarding this revolutionary new procedure.