CBCT: Is Dentistry Ready for a New Standard of Care?

Standard of CareThe emergence of CBCT and 3 dimensional imaging in dentistry has produced a pendulum shift in maxillofacial imaging. The prevalence of the technology and its ability to produce anatomic truth begs the question of standard of care in maxillofacial imaging. Standard of care is a constantly evolving concept as techniques and technologies improve. There are many factors which contribute to a new technology becoming accepted by the health care community and ultimately considered as standard of care. Dr. Whitesides will examine eight principle factors and their collective influence on CBCT as an evolving new standard of care for dentistry. Dr. Whitesides will also address the position of the various disciplines of dentistry toward CBCT as well as how the legal profession is employing CBCT in
case preparation.

Dr. Whitesides will address the following concepts in this lecture:

  • The definition of standard of care
  • The eight principle factors which contribute to a technology being considered as a standard of care
  • The position of the ADA, AAE, AAOMR, AAOMS, AAP, AAO, & ICOI on CBCT as a standard of care
  • The impact cost and availability have on a new technology being considered as standard of care
  • The public perception of CBCT in patient care
  • The many outstanding and yet unanswered questions concerning CBCT as a new standard of care
Suggested presentation length: 90 minutes
“I had no idea Cone Beam CT was so prevalent in Dentistry.”
“Although I own a CBCT machine I was not aware of the impact CBCT has on a
patient’s perception of my practice.”