Emergencies in the Dental Office

Dental EmergenciesEmergencies in the dental office are rare but possibly catastrophic for the patient. Proper preparation with proven protocols is essential to promptly and properly address any patient emergency. Dr. Whitesides uses his training as an anesthetist and oral & maxillofacial surgeon to examine the etiology of common dental emergencies, how to rapidly address any patient emergency, and how to prepare the dental team with proven protocols for emergent events.

Dr. Whitesides will address the following concepts in this lecture:

  • Why do emergencies occur?
  • When do emergencies occur?
  • What patients are most likely to have an emergency?
  • What are the most common emergencies in the dental office?
  • Treatment for emergencies
  • Basic and Advanced Life Support for the Dentist
  • Primary assessment of the patient
  • Secondary assessment of the patient
  • Proper preparation of the dental team for emergencies
  • Appropriate protocols for emergent events
  • Post emergency care for the dental patient
  • Appropriate documentation for any dental emergency
Suggested presentation time: 2 hours
“I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation.”
“An excellent lecture on an important topic.”
“Emergencies are something we all have but few acknowledge. I am thankful Dr. Whitesides explained this topic in simple, practical terms.”