Dr. Lee WhitesidesMeet Dr. Whitesides

Dr. Whitesides is one of only two board certified Oral & Maxillofacial surgeons who also hold a Masters degree in anesthesia. An accomplished author, speaker, and consultant to the legal profession Dr. Whitesides draws on his 25 plus years in healthcare to deliver a powerful and engaging message to the audience. Dr. Whitesides will propel your meeting to a new level by energizing your audience to learn, motivating them to become better dentists, and educating them on topics most meetings fail to address.

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Risk Management for the Dental ProfessionalRisk Management
For the Dental Professional

In today’s litigious society with highly competitive and motivated plaintiff attorneys the dentist is at significant risk of a malpractice suit during his or her career. Dr. Whitesides presents a practical & comprehensive examination of the origin of dental malpractice, its modern components, and common themes in dental malpractice cases.

Standard of CareCBCT: Is Dentistry Ready for a New Standard of Care?

Since 2001 CBCT has rapidly evolved into a new standard of care by demonstrating superior anatomic truth in maxillofacial imaging. Dr. Whitesides examines how CBCT is becoming the standard of care, how dentistry is accepting CBCT as a new standard of care, and how the legal profession views CBCT as a tool to support their client.

Dental EmergenciesEmergencies
in the Dental Office

Emergencies are infrequent in the dental office but may be catastrophic for the patient if the dental team is not properly prepared. Dr. Whitesides uses his 25 years of anesthesia experience to teach the dental professional proper diagnostic and technical skills for addressing the most common emergencies.