Risk Management for the Dental Professional

Risk Management for the Dental ProfessionalToday’s society is more litigious than ever before thanks to highly competitive plaintiff attorneys, failure of tort reform, and a poor economy. Although almost 1 in 5 dentists experience a malpractice claim against them during their career precious few dentist are prepared for the stress and turmoil such an event takes upon one’s professional and personal life. An expert witness for over a dozen years, Dr. Whitesides uses his experience and knowledge from participating in over 125 cases to educate the dental professional on the process of a malpractice suit, its many components, and how to minimize the occurrence and impact a malpractice suit has on one’s professional and personal life.

Dr. Whitesides examines the following concepts in risk management for the dentist:

  • History and genesis of malpractice in the United States
  • Why do doctors get sued?
  • What should a doctor do when he/she is sued?
  • Necessary ingredients for malpractice suit
  • Steps in the malpractice suit
  • Standard of care: Its origin and importance
  • Role of Cone Beam CT in dentistry
  • Informed consent: Its origin and importance
  • Role of the attorney, insurance company, expert, and dentist in a malpractice suit
  • How to properly document your implant surgery
  • Common themes in dental malpractice cases
Suggested presentation length: 2 to 2.5 hours
“Dr. Whitesides delivers an important message for all Dentists.”
“I wish I had heard his talk before I was sued!”