Why Dr. Whitesides is the Best Speaker for Your Event

Dr. Lee WhitesidesDental malpractice is the 800 lb gorilla in the room most clinicians wish to ignore until it happens to them; then the dentist is left to the guidance of his attorney through the foreign and complex maze that is the process of a malpractice suit. Dr. Whitesides uses his dozen years as an expert witness to explain the malpractice suit experience to the doctor from a clinician’s perspective verses that of the attorney. His step-by-step explanation clarifies the malpractice suit process so the dentist can understand the experience by having knowledge of how the process transpires. Nothing adds value to a program more than a unique topic well presented by someone who has intimate and extensive knowledge of the topic he is presenting.

Dr. Whitesides presents his lectures on malpractice, CBCT, and emergencies from a clinician’s perspective as someone who has been in healthcare over 25 years.

Many programs address the easy topics in dentistry and thus fail to be unique. Dr. Whitesides will separate your program from others by taking on the tough topic of dental malpractice, addressing the evolving subject of CBCT as a new standard of care, and preparing your audience for emergencies in the dental office.

His lectures have been described as mind opening, awesome, practical, and motivating.

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Curriculum Vitae for Lee “Mac” Whitesides

Dr. Whitesides has lectured and authored on many topics in dentistry.
His articles have appeared in a plethora of journals including:

  • Anesthesia Progress
  • Journal of the American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons
  • Maryland State Dental Journal
  • Georgia Dental Association Journal
  • Alpha Omegan
  • Inside Dentistry
  • Journal of Legal Nurse Consultants
  • Journal of Implant and Advanced Clinical Dentistry